crème hairdressing


A graduated pastel color, starting with light burgundy at the roots and evolving into a light Lavender, makes for a dimensional, artistic blend of purples. Paired with loose C-curves, the look is adorable and daring at the same time.

Featured Color: Majirel Pastel Lavender (7.21)

Purple has been a hit choice amongst our customers. Purple color treatment adds shine and gloss to the hair smile emoticon.

Trending haircut + Korean C-curls using Mucota Omega Therapy

Very cool color melting with tints of pastel purple and gold blond. In partnership with REDKEN NYC

Frosty pearl milkshake. That's what we like to call the beautiful "anime / cosplay" hair coloring. Go lighter with Olaplex.

Lovely ombre emerald green color on our customer's hair

Rainbow hidden hair color